Sound performance between automations and materials

Any object is a mix of ideas, materials and techniques. We always try to tell of the most pragmatic story of it. But what happens when we try to investigate their abstract dimension? Their soul?

Objects, materials have a specific characteristic such as colors, smells and sounds. Those sounds are like an inner voice that tells us: I'm existing, here and now.
"Materialism" is an experimental cyber-sound performance where humans and machines collaborate to explore the gist of diverse materials used in the furniture design through the sound.

How can we explain the experience? The concept that distinguishes us from any other species and object. How can we describe this subjective character of experience from one object to another? Especially the objects that shaped our environment in everyday life. Like the chair, where you spend most of your time while working or dreaming about the future.

Limitations are the only thing that creating everything around us. Its shape, its time, its space, it is MATERIAL. In this performance, artists chose the material and its sound qualities to examine and visualize the experience of the careful selection of materials by designers for this exceptional furniture. Utilizing machines in collaboration with humans to get a little bit more abstract path for this exploration. Augmentation of our senses or augmentation of materials. Animating of furniture with machines provides us with the sound that human actors can explore and amplify, transform into the experience for guests of performance.

In collaboration with Eugenio Altieri.