In the time of the rice of generative digital art, we practically don`t have boundaries for our experimentation in virtual space. That why we paying less and less attention to the analog and physical world.

I was always fascinated with the complexity and complete unpredictability of our world. Decisions of 7 billion people each moment influence your life, even if you do not conscious of it. As humans, we striving to make sense of everything to have an illusion of control over our life. But we still in the Plato`s 'Cage' of our limited intelligence. It`s easy to find a cause afterworlds and think it has sense even if it was just a coincidence.

Our world is the truly generative masterpiece of billion forces in these univerce. My polaroid series just a way to express and explore this analog way of creating generative works with the use of natural forces like light and diffusion of liquids, with the use of these random events.

Instax polaroid film, light reflection materials (glass, prism, bottles, etc), various light sources (flash, laser, screen, etc), various chemistry.

"Captivating Experiments with polaroid photos and disinfectant substances in order to render and mimic the beautiful, yet dangerous, microbiological world of viruses" Diana Roman


  • "Under the rock", group exhibition, Shanghai, MUSE&uM, 2020
  • "Abstract" online exhibition. 2020